Cryptographp is a PHP script for generate captchas. Cryptographp limit the robots bombarding spams and automating the forms: spaces members subscriptions, guestbooks, forums... This script is free and does not use any database. It is compatible with PHP >= 4.3.0

Current events

2007-03-17: Version 1.4 (consult the changelog)
2006-09-16: Version 1.3
2006-08-19: Version 1.2
2006-04-17: Version 1.1
2006-02-05: Version 1.0


Cryptographp also exists into plugins for WordPress, wpMu for WordPress, Symfony and Guppy. Consult the Download part.


These captchas were generated by Cryptographp.


Cryptographp is diffused with completed CeCILL licence
The CeCILL licence is GNU GPL compatible.